Indri Whisky: A Detailed Review in 2024

Indri Whisky is a world-famous Indian single-malt whisky that has gained a lot of hype in India and around the world. This blog will provide a detailed review of Indri Whisky’s technical aspects, including its design, taste, and production process.

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The Box Design

Indri Whisky is a beautifully designed box that adds to its overall appeal. The tall box features a sleek design, making it stand out among other whisky bottles on the market. The company behind Indri Whisky, Picardly Group, pays great attention to detail when it comes to the packaging of its products. The bottle is also visually appealing, with a heavy and solid feel. It is designed to be pleasing to the eye and is a testament to the company’s craftsmanship.

Indri Whisky Price

The Production Process

Indri Whisky is made using three different types of barrels to give it its unique taste. The whisky is first aged in bourbon barrels, followed by French wine casks and PS Sherry casks. This combination of barrel types gives Indri Whisky a distinct flavor profile. The company also ensures that its whisky is non-chill-filtered and does not use artificial coloring, making it a natural and authentic product.

The Taste of Indri whisky 

Indri Whisky offers a delightful and smooth taste that is sure to please whisky connoisseurs. The whisky has a rich and golden color, which is achieved naturally through the aging process in wooden barrels. Regarding the nose, Indri Whisky has fruity aromas, including apples and caramel. The taste is a combination of milk chocolate and silky vanilla, with hints of wood and caramel. The finish is long and satisfying, with a touch of smokiness and citrus. Overall, Indri Whisky offers a unique and enjoyable taste experience.

Availability and Pricing in India

Indri Whisky is available in select states in India, including Haryana, Delhi, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The price of Indri Whisky varies depending on the state, with prices ranging from 2800 INR in Haryana to 3700 INR in Delhi. The alcohol content also varies by state, with some states offering 46% alcohol by volume and others offering 42.8%. The pricing and availability may further vary in different regions, so checking with local retailers for accurate pricing information is recommended.

Indri Whisky price in UP

indri whisky price in UP  180ml INR 950
indri whisky price in UP 375ml INR 1700
indri whisky price in UP 750ml INR 3100
indri whisky price in UP 1000ml, 1 L INR 4500

Indri Whisky price in Hyderabad

indri whisky price in Hyderabad  180ml INR 1100
indri whisky price in Hyderabad 375ml INR 1900
indri whisky price in Hyderabad 750ml INR 3300
indri whisky price in Hyderabad 1000ml, 1 L INR 4800

Indri Whisky price in GOA

indri whisky price in Goa  180ml INR 1100
indri whisky price in Goa 375ml INR 1950
indri whisky price in Goa 750ml INR 3200
indri whisky price in Goa 1000ml, 1 L INR 4300

The Master Blender Indri whisky

Indri Whisky is carefully crafted by a master blender or master distiller, whose signature can be found on the bottle. The master blender is responsible for creating the perfect blend of flavors and ensuring the high quality of Indri Whisky. The use of a master blender adds an extra touch of expertise and craftsmanship to the production process.

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Indri Whisky is a top-notch Indian whisky that offers a unique taste experience. With its beautiful design, natural production process, and delightful taste, it is no wonder that Indri Whisky has gained popularity among whisky enthusiasts. Whether you are a fan of Indian whisky or looking to explore something new, Indian whisky is worth a try. Cheers!

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