Get Ready to Save Big! Dewars White Label Price in Delhi Expose (Updated 2024)

Welcome to this whole guide on Dewars White Label Price in Delhi. If you are a whisky fanatic or a person seeking to purchase Dewar’s White Label in Delhi, you have come to the right region. In this article of Darulover, we will delve into the different factors of Dewar’s white label price in Delhi, which include its fee variety, availability, and regularly asked questions (FAQs)

dewars white label price in delhi

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Dewar’s White Label is a mixed Scotch whisky that has been enjoyed by whisky fans for over 175 years. It is one of the most famous whiskies in the world and is particularly well-favored in India, where it is the best-selling blended Scotch whisky.

In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at Dewar’s White Label, exploring its records, taste profile, price, and availability in Delhi. We will even provide a few cocktail recipes and food pairings that you may revel in with this versatile whisky. You can also read in detail about Dewars White Label on their official website click here

Dewar’s White label review

Dewar’s White Label was first created in 1846 by John Dewar, a grocer and wine service provider in Perth, Scotland. The whisky was initially referred to as “Dewar’s Special Old Scotch Whisky,” but it was renamed “Dewar’s White Label” in 1899.

Dewar’s White Label Scotch is a blend of over 40 specific whiskies that might be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. The whisky has a clean, mellow flavor with notes of honey, vanilla, and citrus. It is bottled at 40% ABV.

Dewar’s White Label has received several awards over the years, including the Gold Medal at the 1900 Paris Exposition. It is likewise a member of the “World Whiskies Hall of Fame.

Dewars White Label Price in Delhi

The price of Dewar’s white label in Delhi varies depending on the retailer. However, you could typically expect to pay around ₹2,000 for a 750ml bottle.

Dewars White Label 180 ml INR 399
Dewars White Label 375 ml INR 799
Dewars White Label 750 ml INR 2100
Dewars White Label 1000 ml /1 liter INR 2800

Dewar’s White Label is quite an affordable whisky, and it’s far more priced competitively in opposition to other combined Scotch whiskies within the market. It is also frequently available for sale so that you can, from time to time, locate it for a reduced price. Dewar’s White Label 750ml price in India is around INR 1800 to 3000

Where to Buy Dewar’s White Label in Delhi

Dewar’s White Label is to be had at most liquor stores and stores in Delhi. You can also find it online at some of the websites.

Here are some official liquor stores and shops in Delhi that sell Dewar’s White Label:

Dewars White Label is extensively available in various retail shops, which consist of liquor shops and supermarkets, throughout Delhi. Additionally, you could find online systems and e-exchange websites that offer an on-hand way to buy Dewars White Label from the comfort of your property.

To ensure the authenticity of your purchase and access acceptable offers, it’s highly recommended to buy Dewars White Label from authorized stores or genuine online systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Dewars White Label appropriate for gifting?

Absolutely! Dewars White Label has a first-rate preference for gifting. Its high-quality and elegant packaging makes it a relevant present for whisky fanatics. Whether it’s a unique event or a gesture of appreciation, Dewars White Label is sure to impress.

2. Can I drink Dewars White Label neat?

Certainly! Dewars White Label can be cherished neatly, permitting you to take pride in its super flavors and aromas. The smoothness of the whisky makes it adorable to sip and revel in. However, you may also explore diverse cocktail recipes that contain Dewars White Label in case you pick out a mixed drink.

3. Does Dewars White Label have an age announcement?

No, Dewar White Label no longer conveys an age statement. It is a combined Scotch whisky that specializes in carrying out a regular taste profile in preference to emphasizing a specific age.

4. How should I shop for Dewars White Label?

To maintain the outstanding integrity of Dewars White Label, it is crucial to preserve it well. Keep the bottle upright in a groovy, darkish vicinity far from direct daylight and hot temperature fluctuations. Avoid storing it close to sturdy-smelling materials, as whisky can absorb odors.

5. Can I locate Dewars White Label in obligation-free shops?

Yes, Dewars White Label is usually to be had in duty-free stores. If you are traveling internationally, you could discover a possibility to purchase Dewars White Label at duty-unfastened expenses, providing a risk to revel in financial savings on your purchase.

6. Are there any restricted variations of the Dewars White Label?

Yes, Dewars sometimes releases restricted variations and unique expressions of their whiskies. These limited variations often provide unique flavor profiles and packaging designs, making them exceedingly popular among whisky collectors and enthusiasts.


Dewars White Label is a top beauty-mixed Scotch whisky that has a great taste. In Delhi, it’s far quieter, but in reality, it’s available at numerous retail shops and online systems. The approximate rate range for Dewars White Label price in Delhi is INR 399–INR 3,000, depending on the bottle size.

Whether you’re looking to purchase Dewars White Label Scotch for non-public entertainment or as a present, it’s miles of whisky that ensures pride. Its smoothness, complex flavors, and exceptional craftsmanship make it a beloved choice among whisky connoisseurs.

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