Blue Label Price in Bangalore (Updated 2024):A Comprehensive Guide to the Whisky’s Cost and Availability

Welcome to our complete guide at the Blue Label price in Bangalore. If you’re a whisky lover or a person who loves the finer subjects in life, you’ve come to the right place. In this post in Darulover, we will delve into the arena of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky price in Bangalore, exploring its origins, flavours, route, and price in Bangalore. Whether you’re a resident of Bangalore or making plans to go to this colorful town in India, understanding the cost and availability of Blue Label is essential for a memorable whisky revel. So, let’s boom our glasses and begin this whisky adventure!

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Blue Label Price in Bangalore

Blue Label Whisky: An Introduction

Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky is a top-charge mixture that has received a reputation for its extraordinary first-rate craftsmanship. Produced by way of using the famous whisky brand Johnnie Walker Blue Label, it is considered the pinnacle of highly-priced whisky globally. It is a mixture of uncommon and elderly whiskies, carefully decided on with the aid of the grasp blenders to create a harmonious and lavish consumption experience.

The History and Legacy of Blue Label

The Origins of Blue Label

Blue Label was first delivered by Johnnie Walker in 1992 as part of their exceptional variety of whiskies. It was crafted to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the emblem and quickly became synonymous with luxury and status. The whisky has become an instantaneous achievement, taking pictures of the hearts of whisky connoisseurs around the arena.

The Craftsmanship Behind Blue Label

Crafted with precision and ardor, Blue Label is a testimony to the information of Johnnie Walker’s grasp blenders. Each bottle is a combination of uncommon whiskies sourced from distilleries throughout Scotland, together with a number of the oldest and most prestigious ones. The meticulous blending method guarantees that every sip of Blue Label gives a symphony of flavors and aromas that is honestly unprecedented.

The Flavors of Blue Label

A Harmonious Blend of Tastes

Johnnie Walker Blue Label offers a rich and complex flavour profile that tantalises the taste buds. The blend combines smoky, fruity, and creamy notes, creating a harmonious balance that changes with each drink. The whisky delights with pointers of dark chocolate, honey, dried give-up result, and a whisper of smoke. Its velvety smoothness and lengthy, lingering finish make it a real indulgence for whisky fans.

The Perfect Serve

To apprehend the flavours of Blue Label, it is exceptionally loved neat or on the rocks. Adding water or ice may also dilute the whisky and mask some of its intricacies. Pour yourself a pitcher, take a moment to inhale the aromas, and permit the whisky to spread to your palate. Each sip is an adventure through the Scottish Highlands, in which the greatest whiskies are born.

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Blue Label Price in Bangalore

Blue Label Whisky price  750ml INR 18770
Blue Label Whisky price  1000ml ml or 1 litre INR 30000
Blue Label Whisky price  Duty-free price INR 25430

Now let’s dive into what you’ve been looking forward to—the Blue Label price in Bangalore. As a sought-after whisky, Blue Label is a mirror image of its exclusivity. The Blue Label price in Bangalore varies based on numerous factors, including taxes, import responsibilities, and the status quo of selling the whisky. If this is not unusual, you may count on paying around INR 25,000 to INR 30,000 for a 750-ml bottle of Blue Label in Bangalore.

It’s worth noting that fees may additionally fluctuate over time, so it’s miles continually a superb concept to test with criminal outlets or whisky specialists for the maximum up-to-date pricing data. Additionally, keep an eye fixed constantly for special promotions or limited editions that can provide Blue Label at a reduced charge. you can read it in detail on their official website

FAQs about Blue Label Price in Bangalore

To provide you with an entire understanding of Johnnie Walker blue label price in Bangalore, we’ve compiled a listing of frequently requested questions along with their answers:

Q1: Where can I buy Blue Label in Bangalore?
A1: Blue Label is to be had at pick-out liquor stores, luxury resorts, and obligation-unfastened stores in Bangalore. Some famous institutions known for her whisky series consist of X Liquor Store, The Oberoi Bangalore, and Bangalore Duty-Free.

Q2: Can I buy Blue Label online in Bangalore?
A2: Yes, you can purchase online Blue Label price in Bangalore through numerous structures in conjunction with specialized whisky websites, e-trade structures, and transport apps. It’s essential to make certain that you are buying from legal dealers to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

Q3: Are there any age guidelines for purchasing Blue Label in Bangalore?
A3: Yes, you need to be of crook drinking age, this is 21 years, to purchase Blue Label or any alcoholic beverage in Bangalore. Retailers and online structures may additionally request age verification earlier than completing the acquisition.

Q4: Does Blue Labels are to be had in outstanding bottle sizes?
A4: Yes, Blue Label is to be had in numerous bottle sizes, along with 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and large formats for unique variations. However, it is vital to notice that the price according to millilitre of whisky is generally better for smaller bottles.

Q5: Can I find out Blue Label at duty-loose shops in Bangalore?
A5: Yes, duty-loose stores in Bangalore regularly stock Blue Label at the side of various top-rate whiskies. These shops provide the gain of buying Blue Label at a noticeably decreased price due to tax exemptions.

Q6: Does the Blue Label price in Bangalore include taxes?
A6: Yes, the Blue Label rate in Bangalore commonly consists of applicable taxes and obligations. However, the exact tax structure can also vary, and it’s far advisable to test the final price breakdown earlier than growing a buy.


In the end, Blue Label whisky embodies luxury and class, captivating whisky lovers spherical the world. In Bangalore, this extremely good whisky may be observed at pick-out liquor shops, luxury resorts, and duty-free shops. While the Blue Label price in Bangalore may also vary, it’s far properly worth the funding for those seeking a memorable whisky experience.

Remember, Blue Label isn’t always the best drink; it’s an indulgence—a celebration of expertise and timeless beauty. So, whether or not you are playing it inside the comfort of your house or elevating a tumbler in a fashionable bar, take satisfaction in every second and admire the artistry that goes into each drop of Blue Label.

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