Kingfisher Beer Price – The Iconic Indian Brew in 2023

Are you a beer enthusiast eager to try new and unusual brews? If so, you’ve probably heard of Kingfisher Beer. This renowned Indian beer has been around for over a century and has a devoted following both in India and abroad. In this article, we’ll look at the history of Kingfisher Beer, its distinct flavor and flavor profile, and how it became one of the world’s most popular beers.

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Kingfisher Beer price

History of Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer was first brewed in 1857 by Castle Breweries, a British brewery based in Bangalore, India. The beer was originally brewed for the British officers and soldiers stationed in India, but it soon gained popularity among the Indian population as well

The United Breweries Company (UB Group), founded by Vittal Mallya in Bangalore, India, initially made Kingfisher Beer in the early 1900s. The beer is named after the Kingfisher, a common sight in India. Kingfisher Beer has grown to become the UB Group’s main brand, with a presence in India and other countries.

United Breweries Group began exporting Kingfisher Beer to various nations in the 1980s. The beer’s distinct flavor and branding swiftly made it famous in the United Kingdom, and it quickly became the country’s best-selling Indian beer.

Kingfisher Beer in Indian Culture

Kingfisher Beer is more than simply a beverage; it is also an important component of Indian culture. It is commonly seen during weddings, festivals, and other special occasions, and is generally linked with festivities and social gatherings. Kingfisher Beer has also become a symbol of Indian identity, appearing in many Bollywood films and music videos.

Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Ultra Max Super Premium Strong Beer 650ml

Kingfisher Ultra Max Super Premium Strong Beer 650ml price is INR235



kingfisher beer 12-pack price

Before we get into the price of a Kingfisher Beer12 pack price INR 1800 and INR 3000, let’s appreciate the history and flavour of Kingfisher Beer. Kingfisher Beer, also known as the “King of Good Times,” is a well-known Indian lager with a global following. Kingfisher Beer, brewed with a blend of high-quality malted barley, hops, and water, has a crisp, refreshing taste that complements any occasion.

The cost of a 12-pack of Kingfisher Beer varies depending on several factors, including your location, the retailer, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. A 12-pack of Kingfisher Beer will currently be priced between INR1800 and INR3000. However, it is important to note that prices may vary slightly, so किंगफिशर बियर प्राइस

किंगफिशर बियर प्राइस            330 ml RS140

Kingfisher Beer’s Alcohol Percentage: A Comprehensive Guide

Kingfisher beer is a well-known brand that has been appreciated by beer drinkers worldwide for decades. Kingfisher beer is a popular choice at many taverns and restaurants because of its crisp taste and pleasant flavor. The alcohol content is one of the primary aspects contributing to its popularity. This blog will look at the several types of Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage in each.

Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage

Type of Kingfisher Beer Alcohol Percentage

kingfisher premium beer alcohol percentage


kingfisher ultra alcohol percentage


Kingfisher Blue beer alcohol percentage


Kingfisher’s strong beer alcohol percentage


Types of Kingfisher Beer: Understanding the Different Variants

Kingfisher is a well-known Indian beer brand that has achieved worldwide acclaim for its distinct flavor and high-quality ingredients. With so many Kingfisher beers on the market, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between them so you can make an informed decision when selecting your favorite beverage. In this post, we’ll look at the various variants of Kingfisher beer and their distinguishing characteristics.

Kingfisher Premium Beer

The regular Kingfisher beer and the most widespread variation in India and other countries is Kingfisher Premium Lager. It has a mild and refreshing flavor with a dash of bitterness that makes it ideal for a hot summer day. kingfisher beer alcohol percentage is 4.8%, which is the industry norm for most beers. Kingfisher premium alcohol percentage 4.8%. 

Kingfisher Ultra Beer

Kingfisher Ultra Lager, introduced in 2009, is a premium variety of Kingfisher beer. Kingfisher alcohol percentage 4.9% alcohol concentration, slightly more than the ordinary Kingfisher beer. It has a smoother and more robust flavor than ordinary Kingfisher beer, making it a favorite choice among beer lovers

Kingfisher Blue Beer

Kingfisher Blue Lager, introduced in 2010, is a low-calorie variation of Kingfisher beer. It contains less alcohol than ordinary Kingfisher beer, with an alcohol concentration of 3.2%. Kingfisher light beer alcohol percentage 3.2%. It has a mild and refreshing flavor and a lower calorie count, making it an excellent choice for people limiting their calorie consumption.

Kingfisher Strong Beer

Kingfisher strong beer alcohol percentage 8%, Kingfisher Strong Lager is the strongest variation of Kingfisher beer. It has a strong, pungent flavor that is not for the faint of heart. Because of its high alcohol content, it should be consumed in moderation, and it is a popular choice among those who desire a fuller flavor in their beer.

Kingfisher Red Beer

Kingfisher Red Beer is a premium variant of Kingfisher beer that was launched in 2004. It has a distinct red color and a rich, malty taste. It has an alcohol content of 4.9%, making it a popular choice among beer lovers who prefer a richer and more full-bodied taste in their beer.

Kingfisher Bohemia Beer

Kingfisher Bohemia Lager, introduced in 2016, is a premium variety of Kingfisher beer. It has a somewhat greater alcohol content than ordinary Kingfisher beer, with a 6.5% ABV. It boasts a crisp, refreshing flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste, making it a favorite option among beer drinkers.

Kingfisher Storm Strong Beer

Kingfisher Storm Strong Lager, introduced in 2014, is a premium variety of Kingfisher beer. Kingfisher Storm beer alcohol percentage 8% alcohol concentration, which is more than ordinary Kingfisher beer. It boasts a bold and robust flavor with a strong aftertaste, making it a popular choice among beer drinkers who like a bolder flavor.

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Understanding the alcohol concentration of your drink is essential for cautious drinking. Kingfisher beer, with its various variations and alcohol percentages, provides a variety of options for a variety of tastes and occasions. Thus, whether you prefer a light and pleasant beer or a powerful and strong one, Kingfisher has a beer for you. Just remember to drink in moderation and to always prioritize your safety and well-being. You also know about Kingfisher beer.

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