Tuborg beer price in Kolkata(Updated 2024)

Knowing Tuborg Beer price in Kolkata, enjoy its smooth and pleasant taste. In this post, we’ll look at how much it costs to enjoy the lovely experience of drinking Tuborg Beer in the dynamic city of Kolkata. Prepare to satiate your thirst for knowledge as we go into the specifics of pricing and where to purchase this popular beverage.

A Taste of Danish Craftsmanship in Tuborg Beer

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Before we go into the price of Tuborg Beer price in Kolkata, let’s appreciate the craftsmanship and flavour of this well-known Danish beer. Tuborg Beer is made with the finest ingredients and traditional brewing procedures, yielding a well-balanced and refreshing flavour. Tuborg has a smooth and crisp flavour.

Tuborg beer price in Kolkata

Where to Buy Tuborg Beer in Kolkata

Tuborg Beer is quite easy to find in Kolkata, as it is readily distributed throughout the city. Tuborg Beer can be purchased in the following locations:

Tuborg Beer can be found in various liquor stores and venues throughout Kolkata. These shops provide a number of packaging options, such as 650ml bottles and cans. Check availability and compare prices at your local liquor store.

Tuborg Beer is available in many Kolkata taverns and restaurants. If you prefer to drink a cold pint on the spot, you can go to a local institution that sells this renowned Danish lager. Tuborg Beer prices at taverns and restaurants may vary due to added service charges.

Online delivery platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, and specialized spirits delivery services provide the ease of door-to-door delivery. These platforms frequently provide a wide variety of Tuborg Beer selections, such as 650ml bottles and cans, making it simple to get your favourite choice delivered directly to your door. You also know about Truborg beer click on their official website

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Beer price in Kolkata

Brand Quantity Price (₹)
Kingfisher Premium 650ml INR 130
Budweiser Premium 650ml INR 170
Carlsberg 650ml INR 160
Corona Extra 650ml INR 280
Heineken 650ml INR 175
Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager 650ml INR 120
Hoegaarden Witbier 650ml INR 200

Tuborg beer price in Kolkata

Tuborg 1880 Classic Beer 650ml RS135
Tuborg 1880 Green Beer 330ml RS75
Tuborg 1880 Green Beer 650ml RS115
Tuborg 1880 Strong Beer 650ml RS130

Truborg beer can price 

Truborg’s strong Beer Can 330ml RS120
Truborg’s strong Beer Can 500ml RS170
Truborg Green Beer Can 330ml RS135
Truborg Green Beer Can 500ml RS185

Truborg beer can price

Finally, Tuborg Beer provides a lovely and smooth experience for beer lovers in Kolkata. It’s a popular choice among beer drinkers due to its well-balanced flavour and pleasant nature. Tuborg Beer costs between INR 115 and INR 150 for a 650ml bottle in Kolkata, depending on factors like packaging type, retailer, and promotions. You can easily find Tuborg Beer and quench your appetite for an excellent brew whether you visit local liquor stores, or bars, or use internet delivery platforms. Raise a glass, savour the flavour, and let Tuborg Beer enrich your drinking experience in Kolkata’s dynamic metropolis.


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