Red Label Price in UP(2024) : Find the Perfect Whisky

Do you want to know how much Red Label price in Uttar Pradesh (UP)? You’ve arrived at the right place, DARULOER! In this article, we’ll look at Johnnie Walker’s Red label price in UP, India. So grab a seat, relax, and explore the wonderful world of Red Label together!

red label price in up

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Red Label Whisky is a well-known whisky brand. It is renowned for its rich flavor and smooth taste. The whisky has a distinct flavor because it is made from different malts and grains. Red Label is a drink that can be consumed neat, on the rocks, or in various cocktails. Its low price and availability in many countries make it a popular choice among whisky drinkers. Whether you’re a seasoned whisky drinker or just starting, Red Label is a great option. You can also read in detail about the Red-Label whisky official site

Red Label Price in UP

Red Label Whisky 180ml INR 350
Red Label Whisk 375ml INR 750
Red Label Whisk 750ml INR 1350
Red Label Whisk 1000ml / 1 litre  INR 2120

Please keep in mind that Red label price in Uttar Pradesh are estimates and subject to change. For the most up-to-date pricing information, always check with local retailers or online platforms.

Red label price Lucknow

Red Label Whisky Lucknow 180ml INR 350
Red Label Whisk Lucknow 375ml INR 750
Red Label Whisk Lucknow 750ml INR 1350
Red Label Whisk Lucknow 1000ml / 1 litre  INR 2120

Red label Whisky Price Noida

Red Label Whisky Noida 180ml INR 350
Red Label Whisk Noida 375ml INR 750
Red Label Whisk Noida 750ml INR 1350
Red Label Whisk Noida 1000ml / 1 litre  INR 2120

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Taste of Red Label Whisky

Johnnie Walker Red Label is a blended Scotch whisky that is made from a blend of over 40 malt and grain whiskies. It is bottled at 40% ABV and has a light, sweet flavour with hints of smoke and spice.

The nose of Red Label is dominated by sweet, fruity notes such as apple, pear, and vanilla. There are also hints of smoke and spice, such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

The palate of Red Label is smooth and easy to drink. The sweet fruitiness from the nose is carried through to the palate, along with a touch of smoke and spice. The finish is short and slightly sweet.

Overall, Red Label is a light, sweet, and easy-to-drink blended Scotch whisky. It is a good choice for those who are new to whisky or who prefer a lighter flavour. It is also a good choice for cocktails.

 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Where can I buy Red Label whisky in Uttar Pradesh?

Red Label whisky is available in Uttar Pradesh at authorized liquor stores, premium wine shops, and select supermarkets. For added convenience, you can look into online platforms that provide spirits delivery services.

2. Are there any Red Label whisky discounts or promotions available in Uttar Pradesh?

Discounts and promotions on Red Label Price in UP are frequently offered by retailers, particularly during the holiday season or on special occasions. Keep an eye out for such deals if you want to enjoy Red Label whisky at a lower cost.

3. Is Red Label whisky available in different bottle sizes in Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, Red Label whisky comes in a variety of bottle sizes, including 750ml, 1L, and 1.75L. The cost will vary depending on the size of the bottle you select.

4. Are there any restrictions or time limits for buying Red Label whisky in Uttar Pradesh?

The sale of alcoholic beverages in Uttar Pradesh is governed by specific timings and government guidelines. It is critical to be aware of these restrictions and to purchase Red Label whisky during the hours specified by the local authorities.

5. Can I find Red Label whisky in Uttar Pradesh bars or restaurants?

Yes, many bars and restaurants in Uttar Pradesh sell Red Label whisky.

6. What is the price of Royal Stag 750ml in UP?

Here are some of the stores in UP that sell Royal Stag 750ml:

Liquor World: Liquor World is a liquor store chain with locations throughout UP. Royal Stag 750ml costs INR 675 at Liquor World.
The Bottle Shop: The Bottle Shop is a Lucknow-based liquor store. The Bottle Shop charges INR 725 for Royal Stag 750ml.
United Spirits: Royal Stag is manufactured by United Spirits. Royal Stag 750ml can be purchased directly from United Spirits for INR699.


Finally, Red Label scotch whisky is an excellent choice for whisky enthusiasts in Uttar Pradesh. Red Label scotch whisky prices in UP are affected by packaging size, taxes, and the retailer you choose. Consider these factors and explore different options to get the best price. There is a bottle size to suit your needs, whether it is 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1L, or 1.75L. State government taxes and duties can also have an impact on the final price. Red label price in UP 750ml is INR1350 to INR1430.

Keep an eye out for retailer discounts and promotions, especially around holidays and special occasions. Remember to buy Red Label whisky from authorized retailers or online platforms that provide spirits delivery. So, get yourself a bottle of Red Label whisky, gather your friends, and enjoy.

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