Antiquity Blue Price in Kolkata (Updated list 2024):Exploring the Pleasure of Fine Whisky

There is a good probability that Antiquity Blue price in Kolkata, a well-known brand famed for its fine spirits, is familiar to whisky enthusiasts living in Kolkata. We’ll delve into the alluring world of Antiquity Blue price in this post in , as well as examine the price range it has in Kolkata, so you can enjoy this exceptional beverage. To find out where to buy Antiquity Blue and how much it costs.

antiquity blue price in kolkata

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Antiquity, an Indian whisky brand produced by United Spirits Limited, a subsidiary of Diego Company, traces its origins back to 1992 when it was established by Shaw Wallace. In 2005, it was acquired by UB Group and merged with United Spirits Ltd.

The Captivating Allure of Antique Blue

The superb quality and outstanding flavor of Antiquity Blue whisky make it stand out from the competition. This whisky, which was created by fusing Indian and Scotch malts, has a distinctive flavor that tantalizes the palate. Whisky connoisseurs in Kolkata love Antiquity Blue for its smoothness, robust scent, and lovely golden color. Antiquity whisky is known for its smooth taste, crafted from the finest malted barley and grains sourced from Cameronbridge. Diageo continues the tradition of using copper pot stills for distillation, an age-old practice in Scottish whisky making. You can learn more about Antiquity Blue by clicking their official site

Where to Buy Antique Blue Whisky in Kolkata?

Let’s explore the pricing range of Antiquity Blue in Kolkata now that we are aware of the important variables. It’s vital to remember that prices can change between shops and locales. Visit your neighborhood liquor-specific retail outlets or internet resources for the most precise and recent information. A broad breakdown of the price range for Antiquity Blue in Kolkata is provided below:

Retail Stores: A normal Antiquity Blue price of 750ml  between INR 1,610 and INR 2,500 in a number of retail locations in Kolkata. Nevertheless, keep in mind that due to discounts, special offers, and regional variables, prices may vary slightly between various merchants.

Online Platforms: Due to their accessibility and variety, e-commerce platforms have grown in popularity.  Antiquity Blue 750ml price in Kolkata may be found online between INR 1,610 and INR 2,400. For whisky lovers, online stores are a great choice because they frequently provide competitive pricing, discounts, and special offers.

Duty-Free Shops: If you’re traveling, duty-free shops in airports are where you might get Antiquity Blue. Prices at duty-free shops might vary, but they are often less expensive than those at conventional stores. Before making a purchase, it is wise to review the goods and pricing offered by that particular duty-free store.

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Antiquity Blue Price in Kolkata

Antique Blue Whisky 180 ml INR 388
Antique Blue Whisky 375 ml INR 850
Antique Blue Whisky 750 ml INR 1610
Antique Blue Whisky 1000 ml INR 2000

Antiquity Blue 750ml Price in Kolkata

The price of Antiquity Blue 750ml in Kolkata may vary due to factors such as state taxes, demand, and the selling location. Generally, you can expect to purchase a 750ml bottle of Antiquity Blue price in Kolkata for around ₹1610.

How to Have Fun With Ancient Blue

There are several ways to appreciate Antiquity Blue. It can be sipped neat, over ice, or mixed into a cocktail. Try Antiquity Blue at room temperature if you plan to drink it neat. You’ll be able to enjoy the whisky’s full flavor as a result. Add one or two ice cubes if you choose to drink Antiquity Blue on the Rocks. The whisky’s flavor will be mellowed and made more pleasant as a result. There are numerous different cocktail recipes you can attempt if you want to drink Antiquity Blue. The Antiquity Blue Old Fashioned is a straightforward drink that can be made with this liquor.


Q. What is the price of Antiquity Blue 750ml in Kolkata?

  • The price of Antiquity Blue 750ml in Kolkata is between ₹1450 and ₹1650.

Q. What is the price of antique blue in Kolkata?

  • The price of Antique Blue in Kolkata is also between ₹1450 and ₹1650.

Q. What is the price of antiquity blue whiskey in West Bengal?

  • The price of Antiquity Blue whiskey in West Bengal is also between ₹1450 and ₹1650.

Q. What is the price of 100 pipers (750 ml) in Kolkata? 

  • The price of 100 Pipers 750ml in Kolkata is ₹1350.


Finally, Kolkata’s whisky sector is especially home to Antiquity Blue whisky, which captivates drinkers with its remarkable quality and alluring flavors. Even though the cost of producing Antiquity Blue can fluctuate based on factors like import taxes, supply and demand, and supply and demand, it is still an affordable luxury for those looking for an exceptional whisky experience.

Discovering Antiquity Blue in Kolkata is an invitation to savor the delight of this exceptional whisky, whether you explore local retail outlets, browse internet platforms, or visit duty-free shops. So raise your glass and set out on a trip to enjoy Antiquity Blue’s essence, where flavor and craftsmanship combine to produce a wonderful experience.

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