Mastering the Art of Understanding Royal Stag Price Bangalore: Edition 2024

Are you a fan of whisky and looking for the best Royal Stag price Bangalore? Look nowhere else! We take great satisfaction in being the one-stop solution for all your whisky needs at Darulover. In-depth information on the interesting world of Royal Stag and the Royal Stag price in Bangalore will be provided to you in this extensive post. With our professional advice, you’ll be able to shop wisely and savor the mouthwatering flavors of this renowned whisky brand.

Royal Stag Price Bangalore

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Knowledge of Royal Stag Whisky

What Is Special About Royal Stag?

Royal Stag is a renowned whisky brand that has won the hearts of whisky connoisseurs all over the world. It represents the ideal mix of great quality and exquisite flavor because it was expertly crafted. Each whisky variety offered by Royal Stag has a unique personality and flavor profile. Royal Stag offers a variety of expressions to suit a variety of tastes, from mellow and smooth to powerful and robust, making it a popular option among whisky lovers.

Learning about the Flavor Notes:

The exquisite flavor profile of Royal Stag is one of the distinctive qualities that make it stand out. The flavors of Royal Stag whisky dance to your taste harmoniously with each sip. Caramel, oak, vanilla, and spices are carefully blended to produce a memorable and gratifying sensory experience. Whether you like the Classic version’s understated elegance or the Barrel Select version’s deep complexity, Royal Stag has enough to please even the most discriminating whisky connoisseur. to learn more about Royal Stag Whisky.

Royal Stag price in Bangalore:

Let’s get started with the information you’ve been eagerly awaiting: the Royal Stag price in Bangalore. At DARULOVER, we are aware of the importance of pricing data when it comes to choosing products to buy. We work hard to deliver accurate and current information so that your whisky shopping experience is as smooth as possible.

Royal Stag price Bangalore

Royal stag Whisky 180ml INR 110
Royal stag Whisky 375ml INR 225
Royal stag Whisky 750ml INR 450
Royal stag Whisky 1000ml / 1 liter INR 575

Royal stag Full bottle price

State Volume Price (in INR)
Andhra Pradesh 750ml  INR 1049
Assam 750ml  INR 431
Arunachal Pradesh 750ml  INR 679
Bihar 750ml  INR 610
Chhattisgarh 750ml  INR 645
Delhi 750ml  INR 502
Goa 750ml  INR 750
Gujarat 750ml  INR 700
Haryana 750ml  INR 699
Himachal Pradesh 750ml  INR 760
Jammu and Kashmir 750ml  INR 800
Jharkhand 750ml  INR 650
Karnataka 750ml  INR 1000
Kerala 750ml  INR 850
Madhya Pradesh 750ml  INR 680
Maharashtra 750ml  INR 750
Manipur 750ml  INR 700
Meghalaya 750ml  INR 680
Mizoram 750ml  INR 650
Nagaland 750ml  INR 670
Odisha 750ml  INR 690
Punjab 750ml  INR 700
Rajasthan 750ml  INR 720
Sikkim 750ml  INR 700
Tamil Nadu 750ml  INR 951
Telangana 750ml  INR 1000
Tripura 750ml  INR 680
Uttar Pradesh 750ml  INR 660
Uttarakhand 750ml  INR 700
West Bengal 750ml  INR 780

Royal Stag price in Bangalore: 750 ml

Royal Stag price in Bangalore 750ml is ₹450 as of December 2023; Royal Stag full bottle price is INR 450. Royal stag 750ml price in Karnataka is INR 450.

1. Royal Stag Classic

The Royal Stag Classic variety provides a fantastic starting point for exploring this prestigious whisky brand. It has grown to be a preferred option among whisky connoisseurs thanks to its refined and smooth flavor. Depending on the size of the bottle, Royal Stag Classic 750ml can be purchased in Bangalore for anywhere between INR 200 and INR 600.

2. Royal Stag Barrel Select

The Royal Stag Barrel Select whisky offers an alluring alternative for those looking for a more refined whisky experience. This version exhibits a richer richness and a more robust character. The Royal Stag Barrel Select price of 750ml in Bangalore ranges from INR 600 to INR 800, reflecting its exceptional quality and unique flavor character.

3. Royal Stag Deluxe

The premium expression Royal Stag Deluxe oozes class and refinement. It boasts a velvety smoothness and a rich tapestry of flavors since it was made with the highest care and accuracy. Royal Stag Deluxe is a great option for individuals who value better things in life because it can be purchased in Bangalore for as little as INR 800 and as much as INR 900.

The Royal Stag 2-litre price in Karnataka is INR 1850.


What’s the rate of royal stag in Bangalore?

The fee for Royal Stag whiskey in Bangalore can vary depending on the unique version (e.g., Royal Stag Deluxe, Royal Stag barrel pick-out) and the size of the bottle. As of my closing understanding in September 2021, you could expect to pay anywhere from about INR 300 to INR 800 for a 750-ml bottle of Royal Stag in Bangalore.

What’s the price of a Royal stag in Karnataka?

The price of the Royal stag in Karnataka can be similar to the prices in Bangalore for the reason that Bangalore is a chief metropolis in Karnataka. The charge variety mentioned above needs to give you a great estimate of what to anticipate in Karnataka.

What is the charge of the old tavern in Bangalore?

The price for antique tavern whisky in Bangalore can vary, with a 750-ml bottle normally costing around INR 350 to INR 600. I was hoping you could take into account that prices might also have been modified because my remaining expertise has been updated and it would be beneficial to test with local liquor stores or the Karnataka Country Drinks Agency (ksbcl) for the most present-day costs.

What’s the price of Royal Stag 750 ml in India?

The price of a 750ml bottle of royal stag in India can vary from state to state due to differences in taxation and distribution. But, as a preferred estimate, you can expect to pay around INR 400 to INR 900 for a 750ml bottle of Royal Stag in numerous parts of India. Fees can be higher in states with better taxes and decrease in states with lower taxes.


As we come to a close with our investigation of Royal Stag and its pricing range in Bangalore, we extend an invitation for you to go on a whisky adventure unlike any other. Royal Stag has justifiably earned its place among the top whisky brands in the world because of its exceptional quality, unique flavors, and wide variety of varieties. We take pleasure in being your go-to resource for all things whiskey-related at, making sure you have access to the finest offers and up-to-date information.

Royal Stag is a brand that promises to improve your drinking experience, regardless of your level of experience with whisky or where you are in your whisky appreciation journey. Visit our website right away, and let us help you find the ideal Royal Stag variety for your palate preferences. Enjoy every sip of this superb whisky while celebrating the legacy of Royal Stag.

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