Red label price in Bangalore(Updated 2024)

Imagine an easy nighttime in Bangalore, a town recognized for its vibrant culture and bustling existence. Because the solar sets and the metropolis lighting begin to twinkle, there may be something honestly magical about enjoying a nicely deserved drink. This is in which red-label whisky steps in – an undying beverage that has been raising reports for whisky fans around the world. But have you ever wondered approximately the fee of this golden elixir in the heart of Bangalore? In this article by Darulover, we discuss about Red label price in Bangalore.

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red label price in bangalore
Johnnie Walker red label price in Bangalore

The different attractions of purple-label whisky

Red Label whisky isn’t only a drink; it’s a tale in every sip. Crafted with a meticulous combination of best malt and grain whiskies, it includes a wealthy record that dates returned to its inception. The amber hue suggests the complicated flavors within—a symphony of smokiness, sweetness, and a touch of fruitiness. Each sip takes you on an adventure through Scotland’s rugged landscapes, wherein the art of whisky-making has been perfected over centuries.

Red Label Price in Bangalore

Brand Bottle Size Price (INR)
Red label whisky 750ml INR 1,700
Red label whisky 1Liter INR 2,800
Red label whisky 1.75Liter INR 4,500
Red label whisky 3Liter INR 8,400

Now, allow us to cope with the query that indeed has been in your mind: What’s the Johnnie Walker red label price in Bangalore? The cost can vary depending on several factors, together with the dimensions of the bottle, the precise variant of the Red label, and the route, the store you pick. On common, you can anticipate finding a bottle of Red label 750ml price in Bangalore starting from around INR 1,800 to INR 2,200 in Silicon City of India. Keep in mind that expenses might differ due to marketplace trends and authorities’ guidelines.

Locating Red-label whisky inside the Techcity Bangalore

Locating Red Label whisky in Bangalore is a breeze, thanks to the town’s colorful spirit and love for fine drinks. You could discover liquor shops, specialized whisky shops, or even online systems that provide a wide range of alternatives. Famous liquor stores just like the Bangalore spirits emporium and Cheers to You Liquor Save regularly have Red label whisky in stock. Moreover, several bars and restaurants across the metropolis additionally serve this cherished drink. Here is a liqueur store in Bangalore.

Red Rock Wines & Spirits- MRP Liquor Outlet
4.2(311) · Liquor Shop
210, 4, Hosur Main Road, opposite Brand Factory
Open ⋅ Closes 10:30 pm
Heineken Liquor Mart
4.3(2.4T) · Liquor Shop
319/3, 20th B Main Rd
Open 24 hours · 088666 72761
Blue Land Wine Stores
4.2(262) · Wine store
197/A, Paramahansa Yogananda Rd
Open ⋅ Closes 10:30 pm
Blue Bird Wine Centre
4.1(162) · Wine store
Shubham Rd
Open ⋅ Closes 10:30 pm
Ultra Wine Store PS liquor mart
4.1(159) · Liquor Shop
110, Service Rd
Open ⋅ Closes 11 pm
In-store shopping·Delivery

Enjoying an excellent glass of Red label whisky

Pouring yourself a pitcher of Red Label whisky is an art in itself. Start by way of choosing an appropriate glass – a tulip-shaped glass is suitable for capturing the whisky’s aromas. Gently swirl the whisky to launch its bouquet, then take a moment to appreciate the notes of peat, malt, and a diffused sweetness. Savor your first sip neat or with some drops of water to free up its full flavor profile.

Red label vs. Other whiskies: A flavorful comparison

One of the joys of exploring whisky is evaluating specific brands and versions. Red Label stands proud with its balanced and approachable profile. It moves a harmonious balance between smokiness and smoothness, making it an awesome desire for each pro whisky fan and novice to the world of whisky. Comparing it to different whiskies lets you recognize its specific characteristics.

The ritual of whisky: Beyond a beverage

Red Label whisky is more significant than just a drink; it’s a ritual that brings humans together. Whether you’re celebrating achievements, marking milestones, or sharing testimonies with friends, raising a pitcher of crimson-label whisky adds a touch of beauty and heat to the instant. The clink of glasses, the shared laughter, and the heartfelt toasts all become part of the enjoyment.

Red label whisky and its cultural importance

Inside the various tapestry of Bangalore’s lifestyle, Red Label Price Bangalore reveals its vicinity as a symbol of party and camaraderie. From intimate gatherings to grand festivities, it is regularly the drink of preference to honor traditions and create lasting memories. The whisky’s versatility allows it to seamlessly combine with the metropolis’s numerous culinary panorama, making it a preferred accomplice for meal enthusiasts as well.

Exploring the spectrum of flavors

Red label whisky is thought for its difficult taste profile that spans a spectrum of tastes. The initial notes of peat and smoke provide a manner to layers of sweetness, malt, and a diffused trace of spices. Those flavors dance to your palate, developing a harmonious melody that evolves with each sip. Whether you select your whisky neat, at the rocks, or as part of a cocktail, the purple label’s flavors shine through.

Pairing Red Label whisky with Bangalore’s delicacies

Bangalore’s culinary scene is a colorful tapestry of flavors, and pairing crimson-label whisky with the metropolis’s delicacies is a satisfying journey. The whisky’s smoky undertones complement wealthy and savory dishes like biryanis and kebabs. For people with a candy tooth, it pairs splendidly with cakes that carry notes of caramel and spices. The balance of flavors elevates both the whisky and the meals, creating a memorable enjoy.

 Savoring every drop: tasting notes and pointers

Whilst savoring Red Label whisky, take your time to comprehend its nuances. Begin with the aroma – inhale gently and perceive the pointers of peat, fruit, and spices. As you are taking your first sip, let the liquid coat your palate, and take note of how the flavors unfold. The smokiness might be followed with the aid of a touch of honeyed sweetness, leading to a heat and fulfilling finish.

 Dispelling myths around Red-Label whisky

As with all cherished drinks, myths and misconceptions frequently find their manner in conversations. One common false impression is that all whisky wishes to be fed neat. Even as crimson-label whisky certainly holds its personal when enjoyed neat, it is also an exceptional base for cocktails. From conventional vintage fashions to innovative whisky-primarily based creations, its versatility is well worth exploring.

Commitment to sustainability and excellent

Past its delightful flavor, Red label whisky additionally upholds values of sustainability and high quality. The logo’s dedication to accountable sourcing and manufacturing practices ensures that every bottle contains not simply the legacy of whisky-making, but also a dedication to the surroundings and the communities involved in its creation. By choosing Red label, you’re helping a logo that values ethics and excellence.

The art of gifting purple label whisky

Gifting a bottle of Red Label whisky is a gesture that conveys thoughtfulness and appreciation. Whether it is a celebratory occasion or a token of gratitude, a bottle of this undying spirit is sure to be loved. Don’t forget to pair it with fashionable glassware or a set of whisky stones to enhance the gifting experience. Personalize it with a heartfelt observation to make it clearly special.


Within the heart of Bangalore, amidst its bustling streets and colorful lifestyle, crimson label whisky finds its location as a companion to lifestyles’s finest moments. Its different flavors, rich history, and cultural significance make it a drink well worth exploring and savoring. As you increase your glass to toast to the town’s spirit and your personal adventure, understand that every sip of Red label whisky includes with it the warm temperature of subculture and the promise of shared reminiscences. To learn more about you can visit Red Label Whisky’s official site


Q1: Where am I able to purchase Red label whisky in Bangalore?

You should buy Red Label whisky in Bangalore at liquor shops, specialized whisky shops, and online structures. Famous liquor stores like the Bangalore Spirits Emporium and Cheers to You liquor shop usually have it in inventory.

Q2: What’s the average fee for Red Label whisky in Bangalore?

The rate of Red Label whisky in Bangalore can vary based on bottle length, variation, and store. On average, the Red label price in Bangalore begins from around INR 1,800 to INR 2200.

Q3: How does Red Label whisky evaluate to different brands?

Red Label whisky is known for its balanced and approachable profile. It strikes a harmony between smokiness and smoothness, making it appropriate for both whisky fans and newbies.

Q4. Can I revel in Red Label whisky with meals?

Truly! Crimson-label whisky pairs nicely with a variety of dishes. Its smoky undertones complement wealthy and savory foods, at the same time as its sweetness complements cakes with caramel and spice notes.

Q5: Is Red label whisky appropriate for gifting?

Truly! Gifting a bottle of Red Label whisky is a considerate gesture. Bear in mind adding elegant glassware or a customized notice to make the present even extra unique.

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