Breaking Down the Cost: Black Dog Price in Haryana Updated for 2024

Black Dog whisky stands as an illustrious call inside the realm of spirits, presenting a diverse variety of top-class whisky blends that have succeeded in captivating the discerning palates of whisky fans worldwide. Among the various areas wherein it has made its mark, the Black Dog price in Haryana, India, is substantially extensive. This newsletter takes an in-depth plunge into the world of black canine whisky, meticulously inspecting its numerous editions and the Black Dog price in Haryana.

Black Dog price in haryana

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Exploring the array of black Dog whisky variations 

The terrific repertoire of black dog whisky incorporates a collection of variations meticulously curated to cater to the myriad alternatives of whisky aficionados. Starting from people who appreciate the mellowness of a nuanced whisky to folks who are trying to find the robustness of an extra tricky flavour profile, black dog whisky has a version for every palate. The triad of essential black dog whisky versions are:

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve:

This unique version has carved a gap for itself due to its sumptuously velvety texture and impeccably balanced flavour. A meticulous fusion of malt and grain whiskies results in a consummately clean and approachable revel. Black dog gold price in Gurgaon is INR 3060 for 750ml. black dog triple gold reserve 750ml price in Haryana is INR 3060 for 750ml.

Black Dog Black Reserve:

True to its call, this variation boasts a palate that is rich and intense. Crafted from a fusion of meticulously elderly malt and grain whiskies, it offers an experience characterized by the aid of intricately woven notes of darkish chocolate, coffee, and the essence of dried culmination.

Black Dog Centenary:

This version, as its name shows, is an embodiment of the emblem’s century-long legacy. As a top-rate supplier, it offers a polished flavour that resonates with the discerning connoisseur. Its profile is marked by using profound flavours that culminate in a gratifyingly enduring finish.

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Black Dog price in Haryana

Variant Size Price (INR)
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml INR 1910
Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged & Rare Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml INR 1470
Black Dog Reserve Aged 18 years Scotch Whisky 750ml INR 4655


Black Dog price in Gurgaon

Variant Size Price (INR)
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml INR 1910
Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged & Rare Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml INR 1470
Black Dog Reserve Aged 18 years Scotch Whisky 750ml INR 4655

Black Dog Triple Gold reserve price in Gurgaon

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve 180ml INR 770
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve 375ml INR1550
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve 750ml INR 3060

Unveiling the charge spectrum in Haryana:

The rate spectrum for Black Dog whisky in Haryana reveals a modicum of variability, contingent upon the unique version and the quantity of the bottle. For the reason that the maximum latest replacement available is from September 2023, here is an approximate outline of the rate variety for the distinct variations:

Black Dog triple gold reserve:

Recognized for its mellowness, this variant is regularly obtainable inside the fee variety of Black Dog triple gold reserve price in Haryana INR 1910 for a widespread 750ml bottle.

Black Dog black reserve aged 18 years:

The variant celebrated for its intensity, the black dog reserve, often commands a rate bracket spanning Black Dog black reserve price in Haryana INR 4655 for a 750ml bottle, reflective of its complex and layered man or woman.

Black Dog Centenary:

Representing the zenith of the emblem’s craftsmanship, the centenary variation assumes a premium stance with its price oscillating Black Dog centenary black reserve price in Haryana INR 1470 for a 750ml bottle. Its unique profile justifies this higher echelon.

It’s paramount to acknowledge the fluidity of these expenses, given they affect variables consisting of geographical location, winning tax rates, and the intricacies of distribution networks.


Within the realm of whisky, black dog whisky stands as an exemplar of the sensitive artwork of blending, housing an array of versions that cater to a plethora of possibilities. In the precincts of Haryana, these variants occur with wonderful price points, ensuring that whisky enthusiasts have the opportunity to discover and partake in the logo’s opulent offerings. Whether or not one’s proclivities incline toward the smoothness encapsulated via the triple gold reserve, the complexity inherent in the black reserve, or the finesse resonating within the centenary variation, black dog whisky perpetuates its legacy as an image of opulence inside the universe of spirits.

It’s essential to bear in mind that the dynamic nature of the marketplace would possibly have ushered in changes since the final update. As a result, for the most precise and present-day pricing facts, it’s encouraged to liaise with local shops.


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